Wednesday, November 1, 2017

In Which YOU Help Save the World!

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It's time! It's November, and that means National Novel Writing Month. And THIS year it means a chance for us to help save the world. That's right, The Mighty Pens are raising money for The Malala Fund and YOU can help promote girls' education, which has a HUGE impact on fighting so many villains like the cycle of poverty, climate change, AIDS, and war.

Everyone who donates (publicly, to my personal fundraising page) will be entered to win from an assortment of prizes, some of which--including naming a character--will be offered as special drawings for eager beaver donors (earliest/biggest donations, etc) (all US48 only):

Wonder pen! EIGHT will be won!

Super pens!

Mucha Hermione shirt (size small, great for smol adults/your daughter? Plus ghost notes!

And EVERYONE who donates will get special early access to my book's opening chapter, novel aesthetic, and writing playlist. (You'll need to provide your email address so I can send them. Some superheros prefer to remain invisible, so if you donate anonymously and still want this, just email me!)

Invisible but still incredible!

You can choose to donate by pledging a penny or two per 100 words I write (remember, my goal is 50,000 and I've sometimes reached 60-80K in a month), or just a set amount. Feel free to comment here if you intend to pledge/donate or already have, and I'll add you right away to my blog's list (at the end of this post) of Super-Amazing-Marvelous Donors! And I'll keep updating you on my writing and how much we've raised together!

So please click here to go to my Malala Fund page and donate

Let's go!

The Mighty Pens

The Flash (first donor): Leslie 
Wonder Woman (because she dressed up as WW as a kid so it's only fair): Melissa
Thank you so much to all donors!~Your name coming soon here!