Friday, December 8, 2017


So NaNo 2017 wasn't a roaring success. 

Now, now, it wasn't that bad.
I did get 13K into my new WIP and I did a LOT of thinking about it, so that's all good. Very good. And I did raise some money for the Malala fund (The Mighty Pens raised thousands and thousands of dollars which is SO AMAZING hats off to Susan and Kat!)

But November overall was a highlight because I found out that I got into Author Mentor Match! I had just survived throwing Rookie's Legend of Zelda birthday party and took the Schwartzkins out for dinner while David went to his hockey game. My phone was dying. The wifi at the cafe was spotty. But I saw Emma Theriault tag me in a tweet to look at the mentee list, which had been posted early but WHICH WOULDN'T LOAD. I couldn't believe it... after all those contests where I got to freak out seeing friends' names called, someone was calling ME? But maybe Emma was just tagging lots of people to look, who knows who my mentor was, it couldn't be the mentor I had nearly not subbed to because she seemed like such a longshot...finally the site came back and I saw not only had I gotten in, but Emma was my mentor! I think I scared all the other parents in the cafe with my squeal.

Author Mentor Match helps match aspiring authors with mentor authors who have an agent/book deal/book out. There's no agent round so really it's like: Congrats, you won--a new writing friend! And then the mentees all got together to share ideas and experiences so really it's like, congrats, here are thirty friends! But I am so incredibly grateful that Emma is willing to share her insights and expertise and time to help me along the writing journey. She'll read the manuscript I submitted, DAUGHTER OF NO TEMPLE (which you can read a little about here and here) and give me feedback to help me revise it in preparation for querying. I have never queried before, because I knew none of my projects were ready, but I am very excited to share Arina and Lukas' story! And I'm ready to dig in over the winter and do whatever's needed to make the book the strongest it can be.
I'm going to miss all the superhero-themed gifs now that SuperNaNo/Mighty Pens is over for the year

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